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More Wotchly Fun

Raven is talking with the web 'designer' for the Wotch, trying to find the problem. He believes he has found it. There's some glitch in IE with PNG images, so to get them to display properly in IE, one has to make a call to a DirectX thingy, and that bogs the load time down.

His solutions? Tell people to buy more RAM. Right now? FUCKING PISSED he has the balls to suggest this, even to one person. "Why yes, in order to view our site, you should go and spend money!" FUCK. NO. Learn how to write a website, you fuckhead. Oh, and she has 256 MBs of RAM. That should be enough to view any standard site, especially one that's main purpose for existence is to show one image. And I have a Gig of RAM, and it still takes about ten seconds to come up and to load.

Other solution? Get a different web browser. Again, this should never be a solution a web designer suggests.

Oh wait, he could also go and put in gif images instead, but those are ugly and don't display as well.

When you have issues loading your site on certain browsers, no wait, in FRICKING INTERNET EXPLORER, the majority web browser, then it's time to scrap all your pretty tricks, and start over.

Professional web designer my ass.

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