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And Lo, the Wank Continues

More stupid from the Wotch forums. The fun starts with Minzuno Raven's post midway down the page.

They did a site redesign. It crashed a friend's computer. It then would freeze the browser after a reboot. She complained. I pointed out similar flaws, as well as others. As did her boyfriend. We were trying to make the site better. All of us detractors are creators and artists to some extent, and have some basic clue of design and usability, whereas most people are "OOOH shiny!" when it comes to any new design.

He gets defensive, twists our words around, or outright ignores them, repeats our points in the affirmative, then tries to argue the points he just agreed with, and his only suggestion for fixing it is to upgrade the browser. Which isn't possible, because she was using one of the browsers that he said should work fine. Not to mention that telling someone to go upgrade their browser to the latest and greatest is stupid webdesign policy, and rude...

And I just got a LOVELY private message from someone, telling me to shut up, stop attacking people, and that if there's any flaws, they'll appear in due course, and trying to have an opinion is rude.

Ok...since the website caused a COMPUTER CRASH I would say that qualifies as flaws in the design. "Due course" was five minutes after going live. And forgive me for finding flaws and wanting to make the site better for everyone, instead of an elite few. (Ok, so I'm being a little hyperbolic there...) And I wasn't the one doing the attacking. Phantom Inker was the tool who jumped down our throats when we pointed out that his great project wasn't the perfect hallowed ground he thought it was.

And I've not responded to the private message yet, because right now I'd just tell the kid to go fuck off, and my opinion is just as valid, if not more so than the blind, sycophantic asskissing of the Cult of Wotch who can't find fault in anything done with the site or comic.

I just needed to rant, and that's what my journal is for.


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