Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Pros and Cons

From some convention reporting down in Texas, and my reply to it on the Pulse message boards...

Thanks to IceWing, for some inspiration. ;)

QUESTION: Will the New Avengers feel the effects of the House of M?

ANSWER: Oh Yeah! They're dealing with a lot of hurt feelings and going to feel the effects the hardest.

Oh for...

The wait, the entire mutant population, has been stricken down in one fell swoop, and the Avengers, with only a few mutant members, are going to be hit the hardest? Because of HURT FEELINGS?

And considering this entire affair was kicked off because one of the Avengers 'needed' to be killed, and they went off to do that (And incidentally left the plotline unresolved), it's nice to see that it will at least be acknowledged by the Avengers. With hurt feelings.


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