Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

So... Yeah.

Most folks on my friendslist know what has happened to Kielle by now.

I'm sitting here, as I have done since '97, in #SubCafe, and as has been pointed sucks that it takes explosions or people dying to get us all back together. I'm sure most of us still consider many of us to be friends, despite the occasional drama, although I'm just as sure that old emnities still exist as well.

We really should do this more often. And not just when we're all kinda stunned and/or in horror.

Someone suggested picking a night and going back to the weekly chats that started this all. That's a start. A handful of us are there all the time, but if most folks can find time to cram in at a certain time for a few hours, just seeing each other...I think Kielle would like that.

So...what night is good for folks?


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