Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

The Revolution Will Be Televised

Decided to bore the crap out of everyone, and post what I plan to follow this year. Anything in bold is crap I'm recording for my parents, but not watching myself. Because I don't like the shows. ;) Also doing this so I can figure out how to juggle everything...

8:00 Simpsons
9:00 Family Guy
9:30 American Dad
9:00 Law & Order: Criminal Intent (Probably)
10:00 Crossing Jordan

8:00 Surface - Checking it out at least.
9:00 Prison Break
9:00 Las Vegas
10:00 CSI: Miami
10:00 Medium
Also watching this myself.

8:00 Bones - Checking it out
9:00 House
9:00 Supernatural - Another that might get a look.
10:00 Law & Order: SVU

9:00 Lost
9:00 E-Ring
10:00 CSI
10:00 Law & Order

8:00 Alias
9:00 CSI
9:00 Reunion
10:00 Without a Trace
10:00 ER

9:00 Threshold - Worth a look

And Saturday will likely be recording whatever crappy movie Scifi Channel is showing that week...

Thank the gods for west coast feeds. ;)


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