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Pizza Pizza!

Many here know about the pizza runs out to the Buffalo area (Six hours away) that John and I would make on occasion. His wife contacted me about finding a newspaper article that was written about us a few years ago, for a scrapbook she's putting together, since I had found it online way back after it was printed. I tracked it down, and she contacted the editor of the paper, and asked about a photo that was taken of us at the time, and since she had the exact date the article was printed, it was easy to find and get a copy. She naturally made me one and just dropped it off, so I decided to scan it and share with all of you, putting up a somewhat permanent rememberance of John out there on the web, and a rare pic of me.

The gang with pizza
From left to right: Stephanie, John, myself, and the owner of the pizzaria, Marco.

I'm the shortest one of the group. Damnit.


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