Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Clones Have Their Day in Court

Producers of the 1979 independent SF movie Parts: The Clonus Horror filed suit in federal court on Aug. 8 in New York alleging that Warner Brothers/DreamWorks' The Island was based on their film, Variety reported. In addition to a request for unspecified damages and part of the proceeds from Michael Bay's SF movie The Island, the suit asks the court to order the studios to withdraw it from theaters and block further release, the trade paper reported.

Since The Island was released on July 22, several reviewers have noted the similarities between the two films. Premiere magazine wrote: "The first hour of The Island plays like a much more expensive, albeit scene-for-scene, remake." The New York Daily News and Memphis' Commercial-Appeal, as well as plenty of online critics, agreed, the trade paper reported.

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