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WoW, What Jerks

By the unique capitalization, yes, this is a post about World of WarCraft.

Was doing an instance, priest asked me to cast soulstone on them, and I thought I did. I've never *used* the spell before, so didn't really know what I was doing, and fucked it up. But RIGHT after it happens, someone I've never met before and can only be a friend of theirs, sends me this...

"You have to be the most retarded fuckin lock I've ever seen, you are a disgrace to your class, when the priests says soulstone, you fuckin do it, now you have to run all the way back to your bodies and the server will reset before you guys finish, way to go."


How mature.

And people wonder why I hate games that require you to socilaize with others.

We all get back together, the priest continues bitching on their own, and I tell them to unclench, it's just a game. They laugh, be insulting, and then refuse to ressurect me when I die again.

Yeah, I admit I fucked up, good way to hold a grudge there, shitheads.


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