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I've long hated PvP or player killing, PKing, whatever you call it, in online games. I've got enough to worry about without some dick trying to kill me, when he probably has better things to do in the game.

So, stupid me joins a PvP server in WoW, since that's where a bunch of my friends were. I told them, if I had someone being a total twink, I would quit the server, delete the character, and go elsewhere, where the only thing trying to kil me is the computer. Mostly. =P

So, today, I just wanna get a quest done, and I end up having to run through enemy territory. I avoid pretty much everyone, and most people have, as I figured, better things to do with their gaming experience.

Except for one asshat.

I can deal with a lone kill. That's understandable. Have fun, kill a guy, move along. This toerag waited for me to ressurect at my body, then would promptly kill me again.

And again.

And again.

Wash, rinse, repeat seven more times.

That's just lame, and pathetic. I wasn't even REMOTELY a threat to the guy, and after the first kill, when you come back, you're not at full health or mana, so it's even more lame.

If I wasn't level 20, I'd go restart elsewhere. Still very, very, very tempted though.

For anyone reading actually IN World of WarCraft...if you have a character on the Ner'Zhul server, and see a troll hunter named Whiteoak? Kill it. Kill it very dead. Repeatedly. And tell them Solusandra sent you. =D


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