Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

So, we sit down to wacth an episode of the Dead Zone. We'll skip over the almost nightly question of "Is the star blind in this?" since my mother has Anthony Michael Hall confused with the star of "Blind Justice", and can't seem to remember being told that they are utterly different people. And IMO, about as similar as Billy Joel is to sounding like Mick Jagger...

Ok, so maybe we won't skip that...

Anyways, the episode starts. as these sorts of shows tend to do, "Previously on the Dead Zone" and start the typical clips package from the last few eps.

"Wait, we watched this last night!"

On the one hand, yay! Functioning memory from my mother! On the other, she apparently is unable to hear the words "Previously on". This wouldn't bug the crap out of me quite so much, if not that she does this almost every. Single. Time.

"Yes, hence why they say PREVIOUSLY ON THE DEAD ZONE!!" *flails arms*

"OK OK!! You don't have to YELL!!"

Damnit, yes I do, it's the only way you seem to listen!!


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