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Unmet Requirements

Oh look, more annoyance.

"Damn, I was really looking forward to playing this computer game, but when I tried to install it, it said I didn't have a good enough videocard".

Fair enough. We sometimes mess up what's in our system, or think we might be able to get by with what we have.

"Oh? That sucks. What do you have for a vidcard?"

"*shrug* I don't know anything about my hardware."

Why hello Mister Desk! Have you met Mister Head? Say hi!

It's one thing to try and hedge your bets when getting a program, but when you're using a machine, for which you occasionally purchase things for, and they provide a list that will tell you what will be able to actually use the program you're dropping a decent chunk of change on...does it not behoove you to actually know what the heck you have? Does this not make a rather decent amount of sense?

Sure, now I don't know shit about cars, to the point where I'm not sure which pedal is the gas, and which is the brake, but I'm also not driving one. Ever.

I continue to maintain that people need to be licensed before they can drive on the information superhighway.


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