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Got bored, and decided to play around in Photoshop on a logo, just for shits and giggles.

I think I've definitely decided on "Near-Mint Condition" for the title, thanks to everyone who made suggestions. My mind just kept coming back to it, partly because it was something so iconically comicbook related, and "condition" can stand for living conditions etc of the characters, and plus with plans to have them running around conventions, the 'con' connection worked for me. When I did the logos with the title, it just LOOKED right, too.

The first 'pass'. No, the purple isn't permanent, just the first random colour I grabbed for the background to offset the rest. The font worked for me, and when I poked around a bit and did probably the simplest beveling there was, it just clicked in my head. So simple, yet stands out.

This was something I did just for fun, to try and spide up the image a bit, by putting a comic cover into the white text areas. I like it, it's fun, and would be good to do once in awhile to mix up the logo a bit, without major changes, and giving it some more colour to the mix.


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