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I wanna make some whine, and I'd rather not cause a scene on the message board this pertains to, since it involves people I still consider friends, despite being currently pissy.

As most of you know, friends of mine have created a character based on me in the webcomic The Wotch, as one of the original, primary trio of the comic. We were all pretty close, and a few of us from the original goup still are. One is one of my best friends ever. Recently, the creator, Anne, announced she was getting married. Excellent! Anne and I didn't talk much lately, but here and there we got words in where we could.

Anywho, the wedding was this week. A bunch of folks we know went, some that've also ended up in the comic, a few more from the message board... And then I realised something that really pretty depressed me.

I didn't even get invited.

Even if I couldn't have gone (It could've gone either way, really. Give me enough time to plan, and I can pull off most things if I want to.), it would've been nice to have at least been asked. But apparently I'm not even worth the cost of an invitation. I would've settled for at least an IM invite. =P Or at least a "Hey, I can't really squeeze you into the wedding, but I would've loved to have had you there!" would have been great. I can understand that. But she can apparently make room for folks who weren't important enough to have in the comic...

This is silly, I know, but it really bugs me. A once really close friend, now just kinda close, who borrowed my essence as one of the stars in her comic, and is now her primary source of income... Just a little courtesy would've been nice. I'm not terribly surprised though, since I've never been asked to help out with the comic in any way, shape, or form, in the slightest. I would've loved to contribute a fill-in strip, or helped out with the website design, or run the IRC channel, or proofread, or ANYthing. If it wasn't for the occasional brief conversation, I feel like I'd be totally forgotten by her.


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