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Comics for the Week *SPOILERS*

Let's try something new, shall we?

I'm not gonna do full reviews (Yet), but I almost always have comments on the new books. I was going to just give a shout-out to one book in particular each week, but this week has a number of noteworthy things to comment on.

So, let's get to it, shall we?

X-Men Unlimited 31: Finally, someone has figured out what to do with this damned book. After 31 issues, almost 8 years. These aren't strictly in-continuity, not necessary to get the whole story, and most importantly FUN. Little character moments that are of little consequence, but give us a window into their minds and souls. I hope this continues.

Avengers 41: Kang, Scarlet Centurion, Alan Davis art, Kurt Busiek Damned spiffy. Davis goes from a double-page spread of a giant sword shaped space station (The Damocles Station. *snicker*) hanging over the Earth, and going right to horseback riding in the Arizona desert. Just one hint of the strength of Davis' art. And the villains actually accomplish something, which is a thing I like about Busiek's run. Ultron destroyed the nation of Slorenia, and now Kang toasts the UN Building.

Universe X 9: All I'm gonna say is: Time travel theory...head...hurt. Need Oreos. And the book wins a special award for gross scene. The Supreme Intelligence's tank is busted open, and the Big Giant Head oozes around our heroes feet. And the story finally feels like it's kicking into high gear, and is coming together. Earth X did the same at roughly the same point. What a long, strange trip it's been.

And finally...

Rising Stars 14: Gods, I love this book. These heroes feel real. They have lives, they have personalities, they have real feelings, put forth believable, and react in ways you would expect real people to do. Something not seen often in standard comics. I'm saying nothing of the plot this time around, for those reading, since, as the title of the story says, "Things Change". I was grinning wide at the end though, in a happy, yet smewhat remorseful way.

That's it for this week, since my store didn't get Cable. Grr. Grrrrr.


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