Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Today's Events

I got a cavity filled, and my teeth cleaned. I'm back on track after sporaditic dental care the last few years (Not all my fault! There was an emergency case one day, got my appointment pushed back by about five months, that got snowed out and pushed back for six months, something else happened, it wasn't fun... Then I moved.)

Afterwards, took a shot at getting comics, even if the store isn't normally open, since I was right nearby.

Luck held out, and comics were in, but no Cable. Bah. Rising Stars, Avengers, Universe X, and X-Men Unlimited though, as well as Wizard, and Wizard X-Men special.

And coffee =)

In Wizard, they always have some joke in the masthead. This month's, appropriately enough, is the accursed All Your Base. This is being mentioned by me so I don't forget it, since one of my friends is following the trend =)


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