Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Protecting the Comics Castle

From SBC's All the Rage rumour column...

Over at The Beat, Heidi MacDonald is reporting from The Book Expo America in New York. And the thing that really caught my eye was the mention that Slave Labor Graphics has signed a deal to put out some Disney comics, including Gargoyles, which will be written by Greg Weisman, who created and developed the Gargoyles animated series.

I’ve got to say… it’s ABOUT DAMN TIME!

Seriously… I’ve been waiting for someone to pick up the Gargoyles comic license for YEARS. It was one of the greatest animated series to come out of the 90s (on par with Batman and Superman) and I’d love to see more stories about those characters. I know I’m not alone in that regard…

"About damn time" sums it up for me.


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