Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

House of Money

I've been pondering this for a week now, since ordering my comics and seeing how much Midtown was charging for the House of M variant, which I would've preferred to the bland normal cover.

35 bucks.

You know, if I went in to a comic store on New Comic Day, and tried to buy a comic that was just pulled out of a box and placed on a shelf not more than mere minutes before? I'd get into an argument with the asshat trying to charging me 35 frickin' dollars for it. The cover says 2.99. It is a brand new comic. I don't care how many others they had to buy, the cost for me should be three bucks, for fuck's sake.

Why yes, I hate incentive variants.

I don't mind shelling out for older comics, but if it's still got the ink drying? I'll be damned if I get charged more than cover price. Why not do the same thing with other books right away? Get your new comic shipment, you know OMAC #3 will be a big seller, jack up the price!


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