Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey


From a thread at comicboards started by Eric Moreels, asking why folks keep challenging the new Handbooks and their veracity.

Y'know, I *really* don't get this whole "fan writers therefore their work doesn't count" business. Yes, myself and my fellow OHOTMU writers are fans. But so is Stan Lee. So is Chris Claremont. So is Mike Marts. So is Tom Brevoort. So is former OHOTMU luminary Peter Sanderson.

Why is it that they're work is considered as canon and sacred and holy and unchallengeable and all that, yet our work in Marvel's new Official Handbooks is constantly challenged as being just "pure fan speculation" and disregarded so often?

Maybe, for starters, because of that kid you insisted Logan had, that no one - even you now - can't find any evidence of? Yet you put it in TWO Marvel Handbooks? Or maybe the other piles of errors we've dug up?


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