Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

The Return of the Stupidity

TWO Star Wars fans suffered horrific burns in a mock battle with home-made lightsabers filled with PETROL.

Shelley Mandiville, 17, and Mark Webb, 20, made the weapons with fluorescent light tubes. They filled them with fuel and washing-up liquid to act out a Jedi Knight fight scene from new movie Revenge Of The Sith. They lit the liquid to illuminate the makeshift toys. But it exploded — covering them both in the burning mixture.

Firefighters discovered Shelly and Mark with serious burns after being called to woodland near Hemel Hempstead, Herts, on Sunday. Police were studying a video camera found at the scene. It was thought that a third person was taping the “duel” — who fled in terror when the disaster happened.

A local who visited the scene said: “You could see two fluorescent light tubes on the ground next to a badly burned area of ground. “Police said the plan was probably to film what happened and submit it to one of these Jackass-style TV shows or put it on the internet.” Police were waiting to interview Shelley and Mark, who were both in a critical condition in hospital last night.

"It was thought that a third person was taping the “duel” — who fled in terror when the disaster happened."

I WANT THAT TAPE! That *must* hit the internet! Must...see...stupidity!!


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