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Sages Chat

I figure this'll be the better place to put this. =P If you don't give a crap about sages_of_chaos run away now.

Yeah, I suck. Rules and regulations are lax, as well as leadership. I frankly can't be there as often as I'd like, due to time, and how much one person can handle. Due to the RPing nature of the room, I'm also not really sure who to offer further reigns to, for when I'm not around.

Anywho, looks like I picked the wrong night to not be there AND not have GMail open (A major rarity indeed.) Seems I missed something.

First off, #SageSanctuary is a channel for people from an RP community (or two) to hang out on. RP is going to happen. I welcome RP. That being said, there are various types of RP. Some will be cool with it, others won't. If you don't like something going on in the channel, several options are available to you.

  • Leave for a bit until it's more to your liking. Preferably without any snarky comments.

  • Use /ignore. Yeah, you'll miss stuff...but if you'd rather not see it anyways, this may be the best option.

  • Ask *politely* if they could take the RP to another place, be it msges, or another room. With the usual majority rules, of course.</il>

I was unawares of ANYONE leaving permanently based on some of the RPs going on in there. I don't want this. Especially since current folks involve in this are some of my closest friends. I'd rather some amicable solution that everyone can agree on be reached, but if not, I will start booting people for complaining about the RP. =P


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