Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Yo, Joe!

NRAMA: "What is Marvel's position on bit torrent and Web sites that allow you to download comics, old and new, for free? What is your personal position? Would Marvel ever pursue legal action against a fan who uploaded or downloaded Marvel comics without permission?” – JK Phoenix

Joe Quesada: Well, my personal position is that if its unauthorized use, as a creator I’m completely against piracy. In an industry where we get paid by the unit as well, this is very important to us creators. It’s someone stealing our stuff. As for legal action, I can’t speak for our lawyers but perhaps Eli Bard, one of our legal eagles can. Eli?

Eli Bard: "We stand behind our creators and we will not tolerate them being ripped off, but while we routinely shut down unauthorized online games and people who sell reproductions of the characters without permission, I cannot think of a single instance where we have sued a fan and we have no plans to do so. With that said, the safest route is to buy the comics (and we won't complain if you want to share them with your friends without copying them).".

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