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Alan Davis

So, the rumour is going around that Alan Davis is quitting Uncanny X-Men with issue 463, midway through a storyarc.

Being Davis Fan #2, I've been pondering this for a few days, and I find myself on the doubting side, for now. Admittedly, part of that is hoping he *doesn't* leave, because I do love his work on Rachel and Betsy. And he's one of the best collaborators for Claremont.

Also, I received an e-mail from him myself (The exact circumstances as with how this information supposedly got out, with another person), and he said he was going to be "very busy". Just feels a weird thing to say if you're *quitting* a book, IMO. Conclusive, no, but does leave me doubting a little.

Time will tell, really.

*fingers crossed*


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