Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Not my mom. ;)


"Hey, have you seen the Serenity trailer?"


"Is it just me or is that firefly, all over again, with the same actors?"

The conversation went downhill from here.

Says he never watched the show, because they cancelled Dark Angel because of it (False. They canned Dark Angel because the ratings sucked in the second year. Much like DA's second year itself...), and then went on about how much of a rip off it was of Outlaw Star.

I love when people bitch about one show ripping off another, when they've admitted to NEVER WATCHING one of the shows.

Some of his evidence for the ripoff:
They have a copilot. (Yes, seriously. He cited this as a similarity.)
They fight people in space.
On Outlaw Star, they had the most technologically advanced ship. (On Firefly, their ship was a piece of shit. As far from "best ship ever" you can get.)
They found a girl in a suitcase who's actually a component of the ship.
They have a ninja girl. (This is actually new for the Serenity film, so I call it an invalid comparrison to hate Firefly a few years ago...)
They're being chased by the people who want the ship back.

So, once we weed out the just plain wrong statements, "They're both shows about outlaws being chased!" Yeah, Outlaw Star can claim that original plot idea, I'm sure.

"ok in firefly did they ever fight another ship that was rumored to be the fastest in the galaxy, only to find out there were 2 ships, in the asteroid field" No, no they didn't. Give it up, and hop off the hate horse, pal.


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