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Incoming Rant

Comics normally come out on Wednesdays. Because of the Easter holidays, they were delayed until Thursday. My comic store is open from 1-5pm on Wednesday, and 9-3 on Thursday.

Ok, we're making sense so far. Store was closed Wednesday because of no comics. I'm still with it...

Called the comicstore today, to see when they were closing, because of the weird week. "We close at 5." Cool. John had stuff to do, but was currently sleeping, and was going to take me to Rutland, so I could get comics, and he could run his errands. All cool. I was to be John's wake up call, and knowing him, I let him sleep as late as possible.

Woke John up at 3:30. Got to the comic store at 4:20.

I repeat:


THE STORE WAS CLOSED. Apparently, five o'clock is not a universal constant in this state.

Now, imagine how upset I would be, and John, if the store had not been open, and that was the only thing we went to Rutland to do?


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