Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
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The Seven Deadly, Sins test

You can't get no satisfaction � because you're guilty of ENVY . You seem to always want what you can't have. But remember: "Love thy neighbor" doesn't mean "long for thy neighbor's stuff." Why do you care so much about the Joneses, and why do you think you have to keep up with them? Life is too short to be jealous of others; you've got plenty of your own to offer. Enjoy the blessings you do have, especially friends and family, and try to keep a positive outlook on life.

Why is envy so bad? Well, according to early religious scholars, envy destroys love. When we resent the good things that happen to others (and all their great stuff...), we're obviously not wishing them well or thinking happy thoughts about them. Try to temper jealousy of others' successes with unselfish happiness for their good fortune. Especially since medieval Italian poet Dante Alighieri thought envy, along with pride, was one of the deadliest of the seven sins. (Of course, old Dante was a best-selling writer in his day. What did he have to be envious of?)

Ehhhh, not really.

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