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Argh. Just a bit of a ramble to get stuff off my chest...

I love the Marvel Handbooks, really I do. One of the first comics I ever spent my own money on was OHOTMUDE #11, and/or some issues of Marvel Saga. I love knowledge, and information on these universes. I've devoured tons of OHOTMUs and Who's Who for DC, since a person obviously can't afford every single comic ever made. Well, most people, anyways. So, the handbooks are a great resource for us who want information.

So, I've been working my way through the latest Book of the Dead - Yeah, I'm behind, I tend to let these pile up and read the real comics, coming back to these when I've got a slow week or two. I love 'em, but they're dense, and I tend to read just before sleeping. ;) - and a peeve of mine over the recent editions. I'm sure they're nothing new, but the typos and errors are just bugging the crap out me, likely because I notice them more these days than back in the '80s when I was younger. I know I'm far from perfect, but some of these are just so obvious it astounds me that they got through. From the mispelling of Moira's last name, made all the more humourous by them pointing that her name is often that exact way!, to leaving off artist's names for the art on at least two bios off the top of my head in just the issue I'm reading at the moment, to other more typical typo type stuff: Doubled words, mispelled, some awkward phrasings here and there... Not to mention some of the information just being wrong (Although a bit more geeky to catch...), such as under aliases for Jean Grey, they list Ms. Destiny, which was only used when they were turned into circus performers by Mesmero, while Jean was actually down at the bottom of Jamaica Bay, so it wasn't her that used the alias.

On a related note, some of the choices for aliases and team affiliations strike me as strange, but I'm blanking on specific examples at the moment...

Damnit, I wish I had a means to get my hands on these suckers and help out before they went to press. ;)


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