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Five Questions

I'm not doing the meme.

I suck at asking questions on my own. But I was curious what Dk would ask, so said she could If anyone else would like to pick my brain, they can ask here, and I'll answer most if not all. ;) Just don't expect any in return!

1) So, whatever happened to the story you did for NaNoWriMo, and when are
you gonna let me read it?

It's still on my hard drive. I intend to get back to it SOMEday. Someday really soon, preferably. And eventually. ;)

2) What do you think has improved with the internet in the past 10 or so
years, and what was better back then?

Improved? I love weblogs. I love some of the web innovations that have come up, and the sheer diversity of what is out there now. WHat was better? The quality of people. Once AOL went big around '97, the floodgates opened, and things went to Hell. There may be diversity now, but there is also a LOT of crap. Websites may have niftier stuff to play with, but it is SO abused now. Like anything, it gets ruined once the masses are released into the mix.

3) Why do you still use AOL, when even *I* have abandoned it? (And you
have broadband...)

Laziness and momentum. See also: Why I buy Uncanny X-Men half the time. (I like it right now.) Everyone knows the AOL address, and I was used to the newsgroup reader. That last is now gone. Plus it has the occasional exclusive content I can snag and check out. But mostly momentum. And with BYOA plans, it's not full price. I'm closer to dropping now with the newsgroups, and a price uppage would likely be a deal breaker.

4) Grant Morrison: Spits or swallows?

Well, he definitely sucks on X-Men. He probably swallows, the sick bastard.

5) If you could live in any period of the past, when would it be, who
would you be, and why?

Heh. Honestly, I'd love to go back to an idealised, romanticized version of the Rennaisance, or earlier. You know I so love fantasy. I love castles, chivalry, knights, swords. The whole deal. And if I could be a princess, that would just be totally awesome... Now that I've disturbed you...probably a knight. Despite my darker tendencies, I do tend towards being a do-gooder. ;) If I went with a total fantasy realm, probably some sort of mage, then.

For something more real? I'd stay with now, really. Things aren't so bad, and we've ended some of the issues of the past, or lessened them. I'm happy with my life, and I do so love the toys we have now. Too much we have now that would really stop me from going back.


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