Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
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Surprise, Surprise

And NO Jae, I wasn't even trying. =P

You scored as Jean Grey. ~Real Name~
Jean Grey
"Marvel Girl"
"Jean Grey"
X-Men Gold Team
Telepathy & Telekinesis
ability to read minds & psionically levitate and rapidly move animate and inanimate matter
~Physical Attributes~
Hair: Red, Eyes: Green, Height: 5'6", Weight: 110lbs
Approximately 25
~Place of Birth~
Annandale on the Hudson -New York
~Marital Status~
Married to Scott Summers "Cyclops" - Anniversary March

At the age of 10, Jean Grey witnessed her best friend, Annie Richardson, being hit by a speeding car. Annie died in Jean's arms, but as she did so Jean was flooded with Annie's feelings and pain. Depressed and traumatised by the incident, which was the result of her awakening telepathic abilities, Jean was sent to Professor Xavier for treatment. Shortly afterwards Xavier started to recruit the members of the first X-Men and Jean became the fifth member. For years the team fought together and over time Jean fell in love with Scott Summers "Cyclops".
Several years later Jean and the X-Men were kidnapped by a madman named Steven Lang and his Sentinals. They were taken aboard his space-station where they finally defeated him. However, they still had to return to Earth and with solar flares in fury, death seemed almost certain. Willing to sacrifice herself for the team and the man she loved, Jean took control of the returning space shuttle and tried to steer the craft home, all the while using her telekinetic powers to hold back the radiation. In the final moments the shield failed and the shuttle plumited to earth.
The X-Men survived but Jean seemed changed, her powers amplified to a huge degree, and she became known as PHOENIX, a powerful entaty that was sworn to protect the gallaxy.Over the next few months, Xavier became concerned with her boosted powers, and Eventually the
DARK PHOENIX surfaced and went on a rampage. Xavier briefly cured Jean of the effects of her power, but she was made to stand trial for the destruction of a planet! The X-Men believing in the word "Team" defend Jean on Earth's Moon, But as Dark Pheonix resurface, Jean realised how crupt the Dark Phoenix was and took her own life to save her friends and the Universe itself.
Years later, a cocoon was found deep at sea. With the help of the Fantastic Four, the cocoon was opened. and inside was Jean Grey. She had, in fact never been Pheonix. Pheonix was a cosmic entity that had taken her form and cocooned the dying Jean Grey until she had recovered from the radiation. Scott,recently married, returned to meet her and together joined the first X-Factor. Scott's wife Madilyn Pryor was later revealed as a clone of Jean by Mr. Sinister and eventually turned against the 2 teams. Madilyn was killed and Scott and Jean cared for Scott's son Nathen Christopher, "Cable" who was later sent to the future in hope of finding a cure for Apocalypse's techno virus. Jean has now takin on the identity of Phoenix and fights along side her long awaited love Cyclops.


Jean Grey










Professor X
















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