Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Target Aquired

Shamelessly swiped from elsewhere, but worth sharing, and no easy link was available.

Best fucking trip to Target in the history of all trips to Target undertaken by anyone in the history of mankind. ...or Target-kind.
Cashier: "That'll be $30.45."
*hands cashier two twenties*
Me: "Oh, hold on a sec, I've got the change."
*hands cashier forty-five cents*
*cashier waits expectantly*
Me: "...yes?"
Cashier: "You owe me ten cents still."
Me: "... that's forty-five cents, right?"
Cashier: "Yeah, but it's fifty-five cents."
*cashier taps the sign which reads "Change: $9.55"*
Me: "... that's the change. That's not the bill."
Cashier: "I know. And if you give me ten more cents, its even."
Me: "...fine. Sure. Here."
Cashier: "See, now I owe you nine dollars."
Me: *dumbfounded* "Now I know you're messing with me. If I give you the change, you owe me TEN dollars. "
Cashier: *aggrivated* "No. I don't. You give me the fifty-five cents, and I give you the rest, which is nine dollars."
Me: "But... don't you see? You'll be a dollar-ten over. You know what? Nevermind. Just give me back my change, and then give me the coins. It's fine."
Cashier: "Fine."
*Cashier hands me my fifty five cents back, and nine dollars.*
Me: "How about the fifty-five cents?"
Cashier: *valley-girl style* "It's like, right there in your hand!"
Me: "But... I gave this change to you!"
Cashier: *very angry now* "Yeah. I know."
Me: " This has been... incredible. Thank you."

I wish I could frame that girl, and put her up on my wall. She's the perfect example of why the public school system needs drastic work.

Of course then on the way home, I get boxed in by some douchebag with a plate frame that reads "I'd rather be doing Calculus." Seems like the math sciences are conspiring against me today.

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