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I'm in Show Buisness, it's My Job to be Repetative!

So, I was reading New Avengers #3...

You were reading New Avengers #3?

Yeah, I was reading New Avengers #3, and I'm really getting tired of Bendis' dialogue.

Bendis' dialogue?

Yeah, Bendis' dialogue.

What's wrong with Bendis' dialogue?

See, it tends to be terribly repetative, and full of nonsense words.

Ysh, uhk... Dialogue that's terribly repetative and full of nonsense words is the worst.

Isn't it though?


Yeah. It wouldn't be so bad, once in awhile, but it seems to be pretty much his main stylistic point. That, and having Spider-Man's identity revealed by someone in every single issue.

Agh, I hate him revealing Spider-Man's identity to everyone.

To everyone! Daredevil would never be so careless to just blurt it out like that. I'm actually becoming more annoyed with Bendis' writing quirks than with the overall plots of New Avengers/Avengers/Secret War. Those aren't terribly entertaining either, but his stylistic choices are driving me away from his books a whole hell of a lot faster than anything else. Do people really want to read the same sentence three times before getting anywhere with it?



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