Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

New School

There's been talk for a long time, since before I graduated, to renovate my high school. The new superintendent is all gung-ho to get this done, and I rather like some of the plans, including ideas of making it more of a community center. And hey! New chorus and band areas!

Not that I expect people here to know or care, outside of, oh, maybe two people who might be interested, so I scanned in some pics from the local papers, with a few additions of my own to point out where the original schools were. For those new that may give a crap, the elementary school and high school are on the same space, seperated by a parking lot. Part of the plans is to link the two schools. Sounds like a plan. Really sucked in the winter.

This is an artist mockup of the new front facade of the school. The original front is roughly between the two trees at the far right and left.
Image Hosted by

And the first-floor plans. Old elementary school is on the left, old high school is on the right.
Image Hosted by


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