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Mary Sue in the Making

Just came across someone on The Wotch forums, asking for an artist to work on their comic, starring the Dark Sphinx. When asked about her, the following information was given up.

"Her power isn't really dark, she is, in that she's rather secretive and somewhat cynical, also her outfit is all-black. Also her power isn't kick-ass as in it can't physical affect someone. She is kick-ass. Black belt in seven martial arts, Olympic-level gymnast, fluent in 2 languages (not including English) and has 2 types of throwing stars, an iron fan, a whip, a fencing sabre, a talwar, 2 throwing knifes, 3 daggers, 3 nunchucku, 5 kantanas, 4 razor-tipped playing cards, and 17 swords. Her power is that her singing can create illusions, and she can use it on her mind to allow her to temporarily know stuff she didn't know before, such as a language or quantum physics."

That's a lotta gear to lug around.


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