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I've mentioned this before, but it's an ongoing peeve of mine which I've had to deal with a lot the last few days it seems, while searching for stuff.

Dear Creators of Fanlisting sites,


Having cursors change into non-standard versions for no good reason is not clever. Nor is it cute. Nor is it helpful. It is only good for confusing people, and thus antithetical for easy navigation and good site design. When I'm moving around your site, and my cursor changes to the horizontal resize cursor, or the cursor with a question mark? It's confusing. If you want folks to know what to do, stop!

While we're on usability, don't play silly tricks with links. Links have underlines under them, or at worst are a different colour than the rest of the text. Leaving these cues out entirely is bad, since I have to search through the text. Often with an odd cursor that may be unfamiliar to webpage navigation. And don't put the lines over the link. I keep clicking words on the line above.

Use a freaking font size that is LARGER than 6pt. This is a website, using text to theoretically impart information. I say theoretically because I CAN'T READ YOUR SITES! There are people with bad eyesight out there. But this is even straining it for those with perfect sight.

Oh, and speaking of readability. Colour schemes? Use colours that contrast against each other, otherwise I can't squint to read the tiny font to scan with my unidentifiable cursor to find hidden links.

Let's also not vary your design page by page. Things are confusing enough as it is without being assaulted by a newly coloured, texted, cursored page with each click.

Listen, kiddies. HTML is not meant to be used as a tool to make oooh shiny websites. It is coding to format your sites, and to make the sites EASILY searchable and scannable to find the content. Now, I'm not above a little flash. But when you drench your sites in it, it becomes glam that is overkill to the point of uselessnes.

Which brings us here: your sites are bloody useless. Ooooh, a list of people that like something! Here's a thought: CONTENT! Stop cluttering up my Google searches with your sites that do no good but to make my eyes bleed and my searching take forever, because I keep finding your dreck. I'm all for communities of like-minded people. But would it kill you to focus your love and web design skills towards the forces of good, and make something actually useful that would INCLUDE your fanlistings? Imagine! An informative site with pictures, information, links, etc PLUS the fanlisting?

And for the record? "Must have Internet Explorer X.X or higher to view this site"? Insulting. Once again, your site is a font of information, and limiting it in ANY way, usually in artificial ways because you've designed a shitty site that looks 'right' because of Microsoft's lax adherence to what few standards we have developed over time, is defeating the point of a website. How would you like it if you were looking for some information, and the website told you to screw off because your browser wasn't what they wanted you to use, even though odds are you could see the site just fine? You may just have a few choice words for these sites, and likely never visit them again. This is, naturally, the correct response. So have some consideration for those of us using browsers that don't suck because we like not having viri, spyware, and gigantic gaping security holes, and make your sites a bit more accessible if we actually give a rat's ass to go to them.

Oh, what a wonderful world that would be. Sites that aren't shit.

Your guide to a more usable internet,
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