Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Silver Bullet Comicbooks Can Kiss My Shiny Metal Ass

So, I want to order the Phoenix: Endsong poster. Naturally.

Looks like most places online are already sold out, or didn't get it in. Ebay had a few interesting options, but I looked a little further.

SBCB had it for a decent poster price, and I set about to do the ordering. Get to completing, and it shows the shipping as $0.00. Strange, but not unheard of, but I still poke around a bit more without finding any mention of shipping rates etc.

So, I check out. Few moments later, the receipt hits my mailbox, and it's got a shipping charge of 9.95. Exsqueeze me?

It may just be me, but it *may* have been nice to include that ANYwhere during the ordering process before y'all hit my card with it.

*sigh* And they've yet to cancel the order as I requested, so I may have to suck it up. I can deal with it, but I'm gonna have my little bitch. And set them on fire.


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