Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Have I Mentioned Lately...

That I hate shopping with my mom?

The other day, "Would you like to go to Rutland with me Thursday morning?"

Now, remembering our last trip to the big city, I paused, and remained quiet. "Oh, don't worry. I just need you to pick out a calendar for Christmas, and I need to make one quick little stop for one thing."

While I shivered at that last phrase, I figured fine.


JC Penny.
A jewelers.
A few dollar stores. (One of which was a 20 minute 'quick stop')
A gas station to pick up something else.
The DVD/CD store I frequent. Which I was going to stop at anyways, but stopped at the one in the mall where most of these were, to try and knock out a stop. Oops.

Oh, and my calendar.

Just one little stop!


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