Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey


It took a reality altering event to finally achieve a goal.

For YEARS I have been trying to find a pair of sunglasses. Very specific. Blue, round lenses. Lennonglasses, in the vernacular.

When I had money, I couldn't find them. When I found them, that's right, I was flatass broke.

Tonight, after the wedding of Pete, whatsername... Linda? Yeah, think that's it. I've only heard it a few times, cut me some slack!

Anyways, tonight, after the wedding, John needed gas. REALLY needed gas. Put like 14 and a half gallons in a 15 gallon tank. So we stop at the first rinkydink gas station we find, middle of nowhere, 2 minutes before it closes, I walk in to get a drink, and there, right in front of me as I walk in the door, the only blue lenses on the entire sunglasses rack, the object of my long quest.

And I had money. On me, even!!

So, that's one goal that has been completed.

Even if I was starting to consider a pair with red lenses. More evil, I think ;)


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