Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Things Roll Onward

Stephanie stopped by this evening, signifying that she's ok, as far as she can be. We had a good laugh over my fun at Wal-Mart, and John having a nice Catholic service. He, like myself, is pagan. ;)

She was getting stir crazy sitting around the house, so did some visiting, naturally coming up to see me, since I don't have anyone around to really talk about it with.

Was also asked to be a pallbearer, to which I said 'duh'. I wonder if we'll need extra people on an extralong coffin? ;)

His parents aren't taking it very well, naturally. Steph said they're just so quiet. I have trouble picturing them like that. Not that they were boisterously loud, but quiet? Nope.

More if I remember.


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