Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Doing Him Proud

John would be proud.

I sent Wal-Mart into chaos one last time, more or less on his behalf.

John has worked there since the local Wal-Mart opened, and several people who work there were in the wedding party, or guests. The folks I was most looking for weren't there, but I bumped into another one, and passed on the news. It had the reaction you would expect, really. He was known and loved (And feared.) by many there, so... The person I was looking for left earlier in the day, very upset, and didn't speak to anyone as to why. Well, he probably knows.

We hugged, wished each other well, and she rushed off to the back offices, and to head home. A few moments later, the intercom started going *nuts* with calls for various employees to either call back there, or to come back.

I really think he'd be smiling over it. That's just the kind of humour he had.

And once again, I'm in the role of information trafficker amongst everyone.


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