Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

My Fun Night

The following is a log from another place I chat. I'm somewhere around terribly amused over all this, and thought I'd share some stupidity. It's pretty lengthy, so the miracle of cutting shall occur.

See? Nice and cut.

Now, some quick background. All the names have been changed to protect the...innocent. "Stranger" indeed has a knack for making most any discussion he's in very personal, and start with the screaming. I guess he feels the louder he is, the more right he is.

The politics discussion that others refer to from Friday night, I was not around for, since I had a wedding rehearsal and dinner to attend. So, I have no idea how involved he was in all that. Regardless, my comment that sparked the festivities remains valid, due to his knack for yelling, and was more referring to the other times as a whole, and not the one specific incident I wasn't there for. Something no one bothered to notice...

Anywho, here's the fun.

Aslan> if you wanna talk sports, could you please take it somewhere else?
* Lenny blinks
Lenny> what are we allowed to talk about? politics?
Aslan> I got in trouble for the politics, and was informed that if I don't want the sports talk, to ask nicely for it to go away
Aslan> I am testing that
Lenny> call me skeptical, but I don't think it'll work
Aslan> Well then there is no reason that I can not talk politics with Stranger and Paige in channel
Aslan> and there was no reason for the stink that was raised the night of the Presidential debate.
Jason> Because if Strange is involved, it's not a 'talk', it's a screaming match. At best.
The_Stranger> Great, my first line in the channel is an explanation of something I wasn't involved in.
Aslan> Hey, I'm sticking up for you here, Stranger...
The_Stranger> Jason, what's your problem?
The_Stranger> No, really, I didn't get into the argument about the debate, got crap nonetheless and now I got you attacking me for free.
The_Stranger> What the fuck is your problem?
The_Stranger> Misty, when was the last time I talked politics here?
The_Stranger> Go ahead, you're a mathematician, you have good memory.
* Misty has been absent for most of the last 4 days
The_Stranger> Then I'll be glad to tell you
The_Stranger> I didn't say ANYTHING about politics for the last two weeks OR MORE.
Lenny> i just talked hockey AND baseball today..
Misty> I just got here... haven't had a chance to say anything
The_Stranger> Why is it that I must get used as an argumentative prop by those that can't come up with decent points by themselves?
Aslan> I wasn't using you as a prop...
The_Stranger> I'm talking to Jason
The_Stranger> Whenever an argument is started it becomes a blame-the-Weirdo fest now?
* Lenny blames Aslan
Jason> Hey, someone said there was a political discussion you were involved in, and it got more than heated. Witness my total lack of surprise.
Jason> And see, here's the screaming. ;)
Lady_Sheristan> Jason.. your being an ass
The_Stranger> Can someone that was here at the time explain to this imbecile what happened?
* Paige has joined
Lenny> PAIGE!
The_Stranger> I won't, because my word is worth shit to him.
Lady_Sheristan> Hello Paige
Paige> What did I walk in on?
Daisy> Let us all calm down and work this out like adults... I'll supervise.
Lady_Sheristan> You don't want to know Paige
Misty> dunno, I just got here. might be a short night
The_Stranger> No. I refuse to explain myself one more time about an argument I WAS NOT IN.
Daisy> You're overreacting. Taking a ribbing from *Jason* seriously? ^^; No offense, Jason. ;)
The_Stranger> Screw it.
Paige> Jason, Strange had absolutly nothing to do with it and you picking or "ribbing" him for it is uncalled for
Paige> because he was only mentioned by somebody else, if you want to pick on somebody, pick on me because I was in it
Lenny> .. or.. don't make the comment if u don't know what went down?
Aslan> Or Lenny, think that someone might have filled pipes in.
Aslan> And shut yer own damn hole.
Paige> i was filled in with a log of the events
Aslan> what a novel concept..
Lenny> umm... I was actually referring to jason... but ... ok...
The_Stranger> Yeah, gee, no one would think of actually reading the log so as to have a faint idea about what happened.
The_Stranger> You're an idiot, Jason.
Daisy> You're proving him right, Stranger. Calm down.
Aslan> Stranger has a right to be Angry
The_Stranger> I took crap TWICE already for an argument I wasn't in.
Aslan> People rag on him all the time, and I admit I have been guilty of it myself, but he does not deserve it all the time...
The_Stranger> I have better things to do than explain myself about something that went on without my participation, and in which I was offended on passing without even noticing by BLT.
The_Stranger> Misty, Draco and Rogue start an argument and Anne gives me crap. Paige, BLT and whoever-the-fuck-else start an argument and I take crap. Jason and Aslan start an argument and, guess what, I TAKE CRAP;
* Ani has joined
Lenny> ANI!
Ani> Pa-ching.
Jason> ...I didn't start an argument.
* Lenny hides behind ani
Aslan> Actually...I was making a polite suggestion to take the sports talk elsewhere...
Ani> Why does everyone hide behind me? >.<
Jason> Ani!
Lenny> sorry, ani. I started an argument
Lenny> because u got a nice looking ass?
The_Stranger> You used me as a prop example without me having said anything in channel THE WHOLE DAY.
Aslan> And said that if the sports talk doesn't go, there is no reason for the politics to have to go....
Lenny> so it's all aslans's fault, and we have logs to prove it
Ani> o.O What's the matter?
Aslan> I admit freely that I started this...
Lenny> sorry ani - I talked sports
The_Stranger> The usual, Ani, me taking crap all the time, no matter why, when and how.
Aslan> BUT I did it because It is what Eric told me to do.
Ani> Well, the crap one takes is usually a result of the crap one produces. It's cause and effect, everyhting happens for a reason.
The_Stranger> Everyone is VERY quick to condemn me when I offend poor little BLT after he offended me.
Ani> Ooh, you're digging that up again?
The_Stranger> No, Ani, Jason did it again.
Jason> Huh?
Jason> How can I bring up something I don't even know what you're talking about?
Misty> y'know, I stop in Friday night while in the lobby of the Holiday Inn in Baltimore, I'm here for like 20 minutes and right away I'm told "political talk is now bannable due to an 'incident'" (which I wasn't around for). I get here tonight after a 7-hour drive home, and people are still complaining about stuff. Is that all we do here anymore?
* Lenny gets fwapped about 1000 times a day ... there's no cause for those effects
Ani> Ugh. Why must people be consumed by such petty things..?
The_Stranger> Due to an incident I got involved in OUT OF THE FUCKING BLUE.
Aslan> I asked for the sports talk to go somewhere Eric had suggested I do...
The_Stranger> Then Jason decided to insult me to make a point to Aslan.
lewis> Okay, it's a big channel, there are a lot of things for people to disagree about and people do, in fact, disagree about most of them. Are we really going to let it degenerate like this?
Aslan> Lenny said it was unlikely to happen, I stated simply that if the sports talk doesn't have to go away, then there is no reason for the politics to go away.
The_Stranger> Then Jason decided to insult me to make a point to Aslan.
The_Stranger> Being that I had said NOTHING today in this room.
Ani> How about this: Why don't we take this issue, which apparently has no reasonable resolution, and drop it, bury it with all the other hatchets we keep digging up?
Daisy> I've got no problem with the the political talk... I don't like it, but there's no reason to condem it... except for when stuff like this happens...
* BLT has joined
Ani> It's hard for others to enjoy themselves when a handful of people are making everyone miserable.
The_Stranger> I had a right to get angry when BLT used me as an argument prop because he seemingly can't make his own points, and I have a right to be angry when Jason acts the same idiotic way.
Aslan> Stuff like this happens, because the sports and other meaningless conversations are allowed to continue, when the Politics are squashed beneath administrative authority...
Lenny> from here on out, all meaningless conversation should be a bannable offense!
Misty> Aslan, despite my well-known political position here, I support the political banter ban, as around here, it leads to nothing positive. Ever.
Aslan> And this is a direct result of sports banter.... So Sports-talk should be bannable
Paige> I agree
Ani> Sports talk doesn't reach the same level politics does.
Paige> as should comic books chatter as well
Lenny> not yet, anyways
Aslan> This entire argument AROSE from sports Banter...
BLT> there's a major difference, and that's that most sports talk isn't done out of anger and hate
The_Stranger> It just did, with Jason using me as an argument handicap.
Daisy> OK, OK... if this keeps up everyone'll decide that all forms of discussion here should be deemed bannable... and if you can't chat about something in a chat room... then it ain't a chat room anymore.
Jason> There was no argument!
Jason> YOU made it one.
The_Stranger> YOU made it one by offending me to make a point!
Jason> Do you deny that you turn discussions and arguments into screaming matches?
Jason> ...
Jason> Bwahahah.
The_Stranger> I deny that you can use me as a prop by offending me when we weren't even talking.
The_Stranger> What did I do to you for you to offend me?
* Misty gives up and leaves... has more important things to do, like writing midterms and crying in lament for a good channel that's lost its way.
* Misty has left
Paige> You are too obsessed about a channel if you actually cry over it
Daisy> Nah, if she was obsessed she would've stayed and simply cried here.
The_Stranger> So, go ahead and tell me, Jason, how did I offend you for you to attack me?
JasonGrey> All I was implying is that you have a knack for turning arguments you're involved in, into screaming matches.
The_Stranger> That's an attack.
Ani> Oh my God, that's not an attack, that's an example you are currently in the process of proving.
The_Stranger> I am NOT to be used as example.
Ani> Who are you to say that, when you conduct yourself in such poor taste?
Lenny> we are all examples used every day
Jason> I calls 'em like I sees 'em. If you don't want to be used as an example, don't act that way.
The_Stranger> I wasn't conducting myself in ANY way on Friday and wasn't conducting myself in ANY way until Jason decided to attack me.
Ani> If someone can use you as an example to save words and easily describe what they're trying to say, and you fit the bill so perfectly, then naturally you are an example.
Ani> "It's better to be quiet and thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt"
The_Stranger> But I'm not to be attacked for someone to make a point. I don't use people here as lexical handicaps, and no one else should.
Ani> That's an old quote, I forget the source.. but keep it in mind.
Jason> And you want to talk attacks? I've been called an imbecile and an idiot by you directly several times tonight, so don't even start on 'attacks'.
Jason> Ani: Mark Twain.
The_Stranger> In REACTION TO YOU.
Ani> Thanks Jason.
The_Stranger> I was REACTING to you.
Jason> "Imbecile" and "idiot" are far more 'attacks' than "Gee, Strange has a knack for screaming during arguments'.
Jason> Because gee, you do.
* Lenny removed all doubt years ago
* Wesson has joined
Jason> Wes!
* Wesson leaps on in herding conspiracies
Wesson> Jason!
Ani> Wesson!
The_Stranger> Both are attacks. Mine were reactions. Plus, you moron, you forced me into explaining myself for an argument I was NOT IN for the third time.
Ani> :/ This channel is sadly heading down the road to +v town.
Jason> An explanation is "I wasn't in that argument". Not "You're an imbecile."
The_Stranger> You attacked me as collateral damage, so I had a right to react.
Wesson> The_Stranger, one more outburst and it's 3 hours
The_Stranger> Nobody uses me as an argument prop.
* Paige loves to see a good threat
Jason> No one did.
The_Stranger> You did.
Daisy> You're a prop?
The_Stranger> No, which is EXACTLY WHY I'll react to being used as one.
* Wesson sets mode: +b
* The_Stranger was kicked by Wesson (Take a 3 hour timeout)
Wesson> anybody else?
Paige> me
Lenny> YES!
Paige> i'm sick and tired of ops pulling threats because they can't handle themselves in an arguement
Paige> bans as threats*
Jason> Well, I didn't threaten him once. ;P
Lenny> no, u used him as a prop :(
Paige> true
Paige> you are wrong jason and your too full of it to admit it
Wesson> Paige, reasoning seems to have no effect. It's your choice to come here.
Jason> ...
Ani> When people make the channel miserable for everyone else, they need to stop. If they refuse to, they're made to. :/
Paige> when this channel used to stand for something i used to enjoy it
Pol> Stop torturing yourself then
Paige> Strange was wronged and ended up getting picked on for his troubles, how could he NOT get mad over it
Wesson> Paige, I only saw The_Stranger's post and it was inapproriate. What preceded that, I don't care.
Paige> maybe you should care
* Kara will make his one and only comment on that. Strange had a legitimate issue, but the problem is that he has in the past been wronged in other ways those took precident in his mind and he didn't cut it off when it needed to be cut off
Lenny> yah, I think u should care too, glocky.
Paige> instead of pulling a kick/ban out of your ass to eliminate your problem and let it fester til later instead of being worthy of your @ and dealing with it
Paige> pathetic
Wesson> I didn't see it, I don't have the logs, but all this nonsense will end
Paige> i doubt it
Aslan> offset it more likely
Wesson> doubt all you want. If we have to get to the point where it's just me and larry here, that's what will happen
Lenny> then u shouldn't have acted until u knew what was going on
Ani> Diplomacy doesn't work when the other party won't listen to reason.
Ani> :/
Wesson> Lenny ... i'd be quiet and watch
Jason> Wes: Ew, we have private rooms for that... ;)
Lenny> Wes - if it were just us two, and sports talk were still a bannable offense... would u ban me?
Wesson> Lenny, in a heartbeat :)
Wesson> As stated, this nonsense ends now.
Daisy> Since when was sports talk a bannable offense?
Aslan> Since when was politics bannable?
Ani> Can this please stop?
Paige> wow? it ends because you say "this ends now"
Paige> Wes has mighty powers
Wesson> Piper, I do.
Aslan> And if anyone believes that this ends now, please refer to the definition of Gullible in the dictionary..
BLT> the thing is, you disagree with this channel, so you make your own, so now that you have your own, why are you here complaining about this channel?
Wesson> If you wish to continue bickering, do it elsewhere
Paige> so far, the only powers you have are overreaction, the ability to let things fester, pissing people off
Paige> and being an ass
Wesson> We will treat each other with respect or those who won't will not be here
Lenny> jason disrespected weirdo
* Aslan looks up Hypocrisy in the dictionary 1: Wesson
Paige> then why is jason still here after disrespecting Strange?
Aslan> Hmmmm
Paige> hypocrit
Wesson> Lenny, again, I wasn't here, but I did see The_Stranger's response.
Paige> and you screwed up
Aslan> You banned for something that was MOSTLY justified
Wesson> 20 speeders may get away with it, but the one I see it getting cited
Paige> your useless, *goes off and has a beer*
Lenny> Wess, again, this is why there are more than 1 op - if u don't know what's going down, let the others handle it.
Ani> I think the definition of "disrespect" is being greatly misinterpreted.
Wesson> Lenny ... they weren't, I did
BLT> I think this all needs to stop...
Ani> Yes, again. It needs to stop.
Paige> doubt it wil
Paige> will*
BLT> it will as soon as you LET it
Paige> and your blameless?
Paige> and it would have been more of a zing to emphasize "YOU"
BLT> if you don't like here, go to your own channel
BLT> you've got one
Paige> i have two actually
Paige> and if you don't like what i've got to say why don't you go to a channel of your own
BLT> fine, go there, and be not here
Aslan> I have my own as well
BLT> because all you want to do is scream an complain and hate everyone
Aslan> No, we are standing up for a principle....
Paige> i'm sticking up for somebody and something that these people here refuse to deal with like adults
Wesson> Children!!
Pol> Wow... Paige... I'm just gonna go out on a limb here... sounds like you've got some repressed anger and your using this as an excuse...
Paige> no
Ani> Sigh.
* Ani has left
Wesson> The_Stranger does not need an advocate, Paige
Aslan> obviously he does
Aslan> Since he gets banned so readily
Paige> i have anger of a) somebody being picked on for no reason b) people who won't deal with an issue in an adult manner c) certain people being allowed more freedom in chat here and d) smartass ops
Aslan> Amen!
Daisy> Smartassiness is not imited to by Ops... trust me. ^^
Paige> you people are so bizarre, i've been on for quite awhile here and you kick Stranger after so little
Wesson> Paige, your opinions have been expressed, we have heard them, time to give it a rest, okay?
Paige> i will not be suppressed as much as you might want me to be, you'll have to show me the same disrespect you showed Strange in order to give me a rest
* Wesson nods
* Kara strokes the ignore function
Wesson> all you need is a 'Power to the People' sign and a headband, Paige :(
Paige> your a real fuckin comedian, aren't ya
Aslan> Jerk...All signs point to yes
* Wesson sets mode: +b
* Paige was kicked by Wesson (your wish is granted. watch your language when you return, please)


I wonder if anyone got this far. ;)


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