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Wednesday is comics day.

"Oh, I'm tired. Ask your father."

"We're going to Rutland tomorrow for dinner, we'll go then." It closes at 3. "Oh, maybe Friday then."

"If you wake up with the sunrise tomorrow, I can take you then."

"If I'm not sore, and tired, I can take you when I get home from work, if you didn't get up with sunlight."

All of this makes no sense. "We're not going to go today because we're going tomorrow, but we still have to go twice tomorrow, or tomorrow and Friday. Don't you like our logic??"

And NOW what? My parents are putting coats on, "We'll be back in a little bit." "Where are you going?" "Rutland."


EXCUSE ME? The comic store closes in less time than it take you to get there!

"Oh, we've decided to go to Rutland for dinner tonight, since you're going out with friends, you're not coming. We're going to get your Easter present."

Screw that! Want to get me my easter present? Guaranteed drive to the comic store on Wednesday! That's all I need! Should've taken me to the comic store earlier, and done the easter shit tomorrow!

And damnit, I'm pagan anyways.

Ah, that helped calm me down =)

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