Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Just Two, but They Have to Shrink Real Small

Ganked from elsewhere:
How many Liefeld's does it take to change a lightbulb?
On May 15, 6 PM local time, the light bulb goes out in Rob Liefeld's bathroom. After accidentally wiping his butt with his latest Hollywood project draft -- thereby doing mankind a HUGE favor -- he decides to fix the problem.

Three days later a press release is circulated around the Liefeld household. "LIGHTBLOOD: BLOODBULB to be installed shortly!" There are sketches of the planned lightbulb from various angles. Each seems to have a different shape. His fans drool.

A month passes and Rob's bathroom is still dark. Jimmy Jay assures everyone that a lightbulb has indeed been acquired and is in the final stages of getting screwed in.

After another dark month Rob explains on a fan site that the reason he's late is that his grandmother just died -- for the seventeenth time in his career ("Yeah, I'm as surprised as you are.") -- but that the lightbulb looks really great and should be in its socket by the end of the week. His fans drool.

Two more months of darkness pass. Rob's toilet, sink and bathtub are now severely dented from people bumping into them. There's an unidentified smelly object in a corner.

Then -- lo and behold -- a bootleg LIGHTBLOOD: BLOODBULB turns up. Rob's hung a flashlight on a peg. The batteries are weak, but now there's enough light to identify the smelly object as a copy of YOUNGBLOOD #0. Rob blames the delay on his heavy workload and promises that the bulb will be installed in a few days. More sketches are circulated. They look kinda neat, but why does a lightbulb need two Samurai swords? His fans drool.

Three more months go by. The bathroom is still dark and nobody has heard from Rob in a long while. His fans drool, which on closer inspection turns out to be because they've all had lobotomies.

And the answer is -- infinity. No number of Liefelds would ever suffice to change a lightbulb.

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