Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

What If...Marvel Brought Back a Comic I Care About?

Also announced was a fifth week event planned to begin in December of 2005. Seven different What If ...? stories will be released.

Here are the titles:

What if Jessica Jones had joined the Avengers? by Brian Michael Bendis
What if General Thunderbolt Ross had become the Hulk instead of Bruce Banner?
What if Professor Xavier and Magneto had started the X-Men together?
What if Victor Von Doom had become the Thing?
What if Aunt May had died instead of Uncle Ben? by Ed Brubaker.
What if Karen Page had not died? by Brian Michael Bendis, Kevin Smith, and Alex Maleev with a cover by Joe Quesada.
What If ... humor special drawn by Jim Mahfood with stories by Bendis, Millar, Kirkman, Waid, and Vaughan.


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