Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

What I Don't Care About


My level of caring about a guy standing there answering questions for 29 shows is unable to be quantified.

Especially since the radio won't shut up about it, and my mother tells me EXACTLY THE SAME THINGS an hour later.

Fucking memory of a goldfish.

"Oh! His father was a..." WHY?? Why do you give a flying fuck what his father did?!

"He used to watch Jeopardy in the service!" Oh my god! He DID?? He's a God among men! Hail him, for he is the True Saviour!!

"Oooh, he likes to read, and was an English Lit major in college!" I'd be more freaking impressed if he had an IQ of 12, and dropped out of 1st grade.

And I'm coming off as more pissed than I probably am, because it's my mother driving me up the wall by sharing information she *should* know I know. ;)


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