Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Wasting My Time

Got into a discussion with someone about software, from someone asking for reccomendations for word processing programs. I tossed out OpenOffice, being a nice, full-featured, free alternative to shelling out hundreds of dollars.

Someone else said they prefer to rip Office2000, and they have connections.

I pointed out that connections are pointless, because rather than stealing, they could get exactly the same damned thing, for free, legally!, and it supports the open source movement.

"I have a friend who sells CDs of these items cheap (yes, each one is legal)"

I proceed with the eye-rolling some more, and they say that's called OEM. I know what OEM is. OEM is not ripping. I point this out to them.

"Nope. Only ripping I ever do is CD to MP3 at the most."

Do you rip Office2k, or don't you? Or do you get it legally?'re either a thief, or a liar. Possibly both. Either way, this person just fell off the 'I give a damn about you' list.

Thank you for lying, and wasting my time. *plonk*


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