Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

F'ing Bunny

The Easter Bunny left me a special present yesterday.

A vibrating computer.

Fuuun. My parents didn't know what it was, so they let it be. My mom thought I was maybe downloading something.

Last night I cleaned off my computer's air filter, and was going to clean off the intake fans, but really wanted to delay that until the next filter cleaning...well, looks like the choice was taken from me, eh?

Shut down, pulled the fans, dusted them and washed off the cages, the one fan still vibrated, I yanked it again, did some heavy-duty cleaning of it, and it looked (And sounded) like I got it set, it was good for awhile.

So I go to watch Alias, and after about thirty minutes, I pop back and hear the rattle again. So, I say screw it, shut down again, yank the fan, and pop online ordering a new one.

I'd been planning to take this track eventually, anyways, since this fan in particular was a cheapo fan that came with the case, and I wanted a more branded fan, and one of the quiet fans.

Looks like I got forced off my lazy, cheap ass, huh? =P


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