Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Marvel for May, 2004

What I plan to get from Marvel in May. I might start doing this regularly...

Astonishing X-Men #1

Uncanny X-Men #444

X-Men #157 (I don't know why.)

New X-Men: Academy X #1. (Annoying name that's growing on me, and I sort of see the reasoning behind it. Or, I could start calling it "That Defillipis/Weir Book".)

Excalibur #1 (Goodbye, Igor. Don't let the door hit your art on the way out.)

The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: X-Men 2004. (Hopefully more along the vein of the OHOTMUDE, than the Marvel Encyclopedias. I'm psyched for this.)

Exiles #'s 46 and 47 (Tony Bedard. This book could *really* end up kicking ass.)

Mystique #'s 14 and 15 (Down to probation, depending on the new writer.)

Cable/Deadpool #3

Amazing Spider-Man #508

Spider-Man #2 (Undecided on this one. Dodson great. Millar...I wish he'd disappear with Igor.)

Wolverine #15 (I am amused to no end that they're moving titles that aren't 'superheroy' to the MK imprint, and the first storylines in them are practically cliches. Here we have Wolverine vs. Sabretooth.)

X-Statix #24 (And here we have a superteam slugfest, featuring the Avengers.)

Secret War: Book Two (The first issue was pretty decent, and it's only quaterly, so it sticks around.)

Fantastic Four #513

AVENGERS/THUNDERBOLTS #4 (Read this book!!)

Captain America & the Falcon (And this one.)

Thanos #10 (I..have no idea what to make of this solicitation. I may drop the title after I see what Giffen does with it.)

Captain Marvel #23 (Lopresti drawing Marlo. If I wasn't reading this book, I would be now.)

Hawkeye #8 (Hawkeye and Black Widow. Nifty. And nice cover by Salvador.)

Supreme Power #10


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