Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

How I Won

Because Thena asked in comments, and it became a lengthy tale, I decided I'd share it here, for folks not digging into every back-comments that may care to see.


Here's the story...

I was idly poking around for Birds of Prey issues. I saw that auction. Now, I'm a big Babs/Batgirl/Oracle fan, and am loving Gail Simone's issues of the series. This auction made me go "Ooooh" since it was at a low price, and I don't own any original art. Out of all the things they could've put up there, that's likely the most attention grabbing they could do for me, outside of the inked version.

I mentally sorted out how much money I had, and was willing to, piss away on it.

In the early AM, I took a stab at a bid, just going a dollar over the current bid, to see how things look. I'll admit right now, I tend towards sniping, and I'll rarely do earlier bids, not wanting to drive the price up in a bidding war. I'm evil, yes.

Anywho, he had a higher bid, so I ended up just nudging up the price. I needed sleep, if I wanted to be up in time to take a stab at it, and left a wake up time with my parents. Alarm clocks don't do squat for waking me up. That's a story for another time, though.

Said to get me up at 4. She comes in at 4:15. I stumble to the computer, since I knew 4 was going to be cutting things close, loaded Mozilla, and the auction had literally 33 seconds left, and was still at the price I had nudged it upwards from. In my addled state, I quickly searched my brain for a number, punched it in, and bid, beating the high bid by one dollar, on the nose.

If I had woken up on time, I likely would have had more thought going in, and may have considered not getting it, because now that I've had a few hours, my brain is still balking at spending fifty dollars on a piece of paper with pencilmarks on it. ;)

So basically, luck, timing, and little desire from other folks to own it, probably because it's just preliminary pencils. Still cool, IMO, though.


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