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Interesting Phoenix Bits

Very informative site, but horrid spelling. HORRID! But a few pieces have fallen into place.

" 500 years later, Tacitus and Plinius coincided that many of the ancient myths were confusing, and they investigated the cronology of the Phoenix. Through their studies, they determinated that the Phoenix lived the equivalent to a Platonic year. This is the time that the Sun, the Moon, and the five planets known in that time, need to return to their originals positions. This translated to our calendary, represents a period of 12.994 years.

The ancient ones believed that, completed this enormous astronomical cycle, the universal story would be repited again in all its details, upong being given again the same conditions of planetary influence. In other words, the Phoenix was considered like a Mirror of the Universe."

I see the pieces, but I have to wonder if others will

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