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Tonight's Events

Valen be praised that the relatives stayed the frell away. They were going to come up tonight, and had to be back in CT by 11am? Dear Gods, man, what's the point?! Especially since the following info I'm about to give...

Things to Record Tonight:
8pm - Farscape Undressed
9pm - Farscape Season Premiere
10pm - Outer Limits (If they were here, this would have to be caught at 1am when it reruns, since brother watches Nash Bridges)
12am - Lone Gunmen. I'm starting to warm up to this show.
1am - Pop a tape in and record L&O: SVU for parents.

I'm gonna be a busy bird tonight =)

And I love it.

At least, when family isn't trying to sleep during all this.

Merry met

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