Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey


FoeWritingBeforeSherKillsHim> "So, good riddance Chuck Austen. Good riddance, Frank Quitely. Good riddance, Grant Morrison. May the door not hit your asses on the way out."
* `Falstaff toasts.
`Falstaff> And let the people say... A-men!
Saitoh^> And may it be spiked if it does. ;)
* FoeWritingBeforeSherKillsHim is now known as Foenix
* Foenix would like to thank Misters Austen, Morrison, and Quitely for providing him with two years worth of bitching.
Foenix> And an honourable mention to Joe Casey, who left awhile ago to be replaced by Austen...

And thus endeth my 64th X-Rant.

Which will place #75 to be printed in Dec 2004. I've already got plans.

Barring burnout. ;)


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